ArmComedy to Appear Live & in English

Official poster for Comedy Night 8

Comedy Night 8: A New Hope

At last we have set the date for our 8th Comedy Night. Once a year we do a stand-up comedy show only in English and tell our expats and immigrants the jokes everyone else hesitates to tell them.

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So we will meet you once again May 22nd, Saturday at 20:00 at Yerevan’s famous  Stop Club, the only club to have two toilets that work simultaneously. Location: 37, Moskovyan st. Call 560780 for reservations in advance.

FBI has no punishment for people who put a link to this announcement on their blogs and FaceBook pages, those who mail it all English speaking people in Armenia, so feel free to do it.

The show may include a tribute to Borat so please invite all the Kazakh people you can find, because it is really funny to watch Kazakhs react to Borat.

First two rows may get wet if they want, we don’t care.

Voluntary donations and in-kind contributions in form of ice-cream and other goods are very welcome, as usual. However any attempts to feed the comedians during the performance are strictly prohibited.

More about Comedy Night & previous shows.



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