Armenian Pop Star Discards Allegations on Extra Weight

By Sergey

Denies Extra Weight Allegations

Denies Extra Weight Allegations

Armen Grigoryan, a.k.a, Armenchik, a celebrated American-Armenian pop singer announced in a press conference on Monday that the rumors of his obesity are not true.

“I am not fat, I’m simply big boned,” stated Grigoryan in a response to reporter of Radio Free Europe. “It’s a smear campaign orchestrated by my opponents, the skinny losers who fail to enjoy my art,” added the musician.

Earlier last week the singer had been caught in a scandal when a paparazzi took a shot of Armenchik consuming a double-burger at McDonalds. This however, was refuted by McDonalds chain as a” black PR”. CEO of McDonalds California branch Linda Butts said: “Armenchik is not on the list of visitors of our chain for the past 3 months and the photograph is an obvious fake.”

This, however, did little to smooth the tensions around the singers’ argued looks. American Association for Organic Food (AAOF) called Armenchik “Nation’s greatest Menace since WWII” and called on Law Enforcement agencies to take measures against the Armenian performer.

Former Vice-President Al Gore joint the “Armenchik debate” later on Tuesday claiming that the planet “cannot produce sufficient oxygen for individuals like Armenchik. With all respect, I must say that 35-37% of the gas emissions into the atmosphere are a direct result of unhealthy lifestyle of Armen-sized people,” concluded the former presidential wanna-be.

Just big-boned

Just big-boned

After arguments in California about possible deportation of the singer to Armenia, the reaction on the Armenian side followed immediately. Armenian authorities have ruled out any chance for Armenchik’s return to Armenia for longer than 2 weeks per year. Minister of Space of Armenia was quoted on Monday appealing to the Californian authorities “for the love of God, we only have some 29 thousand square km room here. Have some decency and halt the deportation talks, for chrissake..”

“Armen is a charming young man and a gallant Armenian,” stated in support of the singer Shushan Petrosyan. “Not only is he not fat, but is also cute, lavish and punctual,” claimed Petrosyan.


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  1. Thanks for making me have a real fun! I wish It were true! Armcomedy FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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